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District Year End


Trophy Saddle Eligibility and Rules

2018 Show Season

                                                                        March 2018

     This year Oklahoma District 06 will have a Trophy Saddle Incentive program.  Early in the season a district member will decide whether or not to nominate themselves in either of the three classes, Youth, Open, and Senior, with a chance of winning a saddle in one of the four Divisions in each class nominated. The Nomination fee is $45 and is due by our fifth show in the season.

     We also ask members to find saddle sponsors who’s names will be placed on the saddles as the sponsor for $600.  A copy of their business card will be posted on our NBHAOK-06 website along with being posted and announced at all of our shows.

     The trophy saddle is part of our districts year end award program.  There are steps a member must take in order to qualify for year-end awards. 1). Attend half the shows (9); 2) work at least 6 shows; 3)do your $50 minimum sponsor in each class competing; 4) place in the top five places; 5) be a current member of NBHA.

A)      A Youth rider can nominate in both the Youth and Open classes.  Same for the Senior member choosing to nominate in both the Open and Senior classes.

B)       Any rider in contention of more than one saddle in any one class, will forfeit the saddle of the lower Division and be awarded the highest trophy saddle for that class.  The runner up in contention for the saddle will be awarded the trophy saddle and you will receive a buckle.

C)      You must be nominated in the trophy saddle incentive program.  If a first place winner in a division did not nominate themselves, then the next eligible member with the most points will receive the saddle.

D)      In case there is a tie, then the 1st tie breaker will be who attended the most shows.  If that does not break the tie then 2nd will be who placed consistently with the highest points in that Division.  If these two steps fail to break the tie, then it will be settled with a coin toss.

     Year End sponsor monies must be received no later than our last show in October  Failure to fulfill your district year end requirements will result in removal from the District Standings.


District Year End Awards


The show season comes to a close at the end of the calendar year with our last show in the beginning of December.  Awards and banquet will be in February or March the following year.


We run our shows in 4D with ½ second split to 2D, 1 second split from the fastest time for 3D, 2 second split from the fastest time to 4D, using the NBHA payout.  The non-member fee has been waived for all of our District shows.  We add $100 minimum in the OPEN class at all of our shows.  When there are 50+ riders, then we add $200 into the payout with a 80% payback.


District members receive points based upon the District Members fastest time.  Member will also receive 5D points with ½ second splits for their National Points.  If you are in the Top-5 for National, you will receive an invitation to attend the National Finals held in the fall the following year.  Youth Finals are held in July the following year.  Finals are held in Georgia.


If you are a member and attend three(3) shows, you will qualify for the State Finals held the following year in April at the Shawnee Exposition.  If you are a member and allow your membership to laps, you will lose your points but will still maintain credit for your shows.


As a member of our District, you need to work/help out at a minimum six(6) shows; attend half of our District shows; bring in a minimum $50 sponsor for each class (saddle sponsor counts towards your sponsorship).  If you place in the Top-5 you will receive awards.


At co-sanctioned shows ( shows that we are not producing), you will need to see Sissy and pay her $5/horse/class to have your show count and receive points.


Our District has a Pee Wee Division.  The class is open to children that are eight(8) years old or under and horse and rider can be lead lined.  This class in intended for the inexperienced rider.  For a PeeWee to receive awards, they must attend at least half of our District shows; bring in a minimum $50 sponsor; and have a family member a current member of NBHA.